GTO-Definition of a Tellurian; Inhabitants of this earth, (All).

My vision is to gather a group of like-minded people, also services and information, with a congruent and a true message plus meaning of modern/old and new technological and to create a bio-diverse Utopian ideal as possible in these times and on this planet. To save, to help, and to secure ecosystems for future generations, but most importantly for the beloved Flora and Forna of this great planet, who deserve a right to live alongside us without interference from human intervention.

We will select people of many different cognitive abilities, to ignite creativity from their minds, in terms of skills, Art, learning, future Tech, ideologies, and goals.

In a way to do or work on our muses (what makes us tick).

For some of us it is activism, others by just doing their bit! We will then all work together towards achieving these goals, without harming any other Tellurians in the process.

We can only secure this ideal by providing many people with ways and means to control the system that binds us, so as to not let it control them; unfortunately this relies to some degree on current products services that are in place at the moment.

We can only work with what we have got already, but by using the system and skills in place (and also newly discovered) thus we will increase our (GTO) mutual benefits. We will eventually following the said ideals, and come to the point were we do not need to worry about money, which daily defines and binds the majority of society from helping this planet in the first place.

We will all join together, to discuss ideas, current affairs, study YouTube and other skills be it digital internet based platforms or otherwise classic learning seminars. Who knows maybe even create better services in the long run.

We must always buy and sell responsibly, always do your bit, and continue to break down the powers that be by always demonstrating and showing them the way, and also gently persuading them that they will not stop us from reaching our mutual goals. This is what they must understand that they cannot keep on going raping and pillaging the earth for their own means, without putting something back.

I am not per say religious, and have no other ulterior motive but, to further the cause of saving the planet, that said we all have to survive, but by constantly accessing this situation, I and any other Tellurian can easily achieve these goals if we move as a nation/world of friends, we are all family in the tree of life, and all need to co-exist together.

So join me and our organisation and let us see if we can change people’s visions, goals, and dreams to a more congruent ideal utopia for all things on this planet.

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